About the author

Maintaining servers and source code in different environments with high load of user activity,
I have gained knowledge about optimizing database- and web servers for maximum performance and minimum
response time. By direct customer contact and frontend development, I have taught myself a flair
for both user experience and persuasive design.


My name is Emil Moe I am 33 years old and from Denmark. I speak native Danish, fluently English and have an under-standing for Spanish.
Besides my passion for travel-ling and experience the world, I’m also a fulltime educated and self-taught web developer with a degree in Computer Science.


Through the years I have gained and maintained knowledge about leading frontend web technologies. I have been working with HTML, CSS and Javascript since 1999 and continue to challenge myself, as I find it important to always know what’s going to be the next important technology in an emerging market.


I have many years experience maintaining existing websites for clients and their databases as well as the server. I believe it’s as an important part of a product as the product itself, as an unmaintained product rapidly feels abandoned. When doing maintenance it’s necessary that the clients and users won’t experience any or only a minor downtime.

User Experience

In my years at The University of Aarhus I have been working with direct customer support, both face to face, email and phone support. Furthermore I have been working we various web implementations where it was crucial part of the product to be user friendly. See my portfolio for examples like Eduroam.

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