4 Things To See In Bangkok, Thailand

August 3, 2020

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Bangkok has many things to offer and is great for a city holiday. However, it also offers many getaways for recreations.

Boat Trip on Chao Phraya River

River Boat, Bangkok, Thailand
River Boat, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a modern asian city, which means many highrise buildings. Luckily many of the temples and sights are located along the Chao Phraya river.

There are many tourist boats from various locations during all day. However, in my experience the best choice is to take the boats that citizens use for public transportations. The boats stops at more places, but that's your excuse to hop off and see something you didn't plan to.

While the tourist boats charge 180 baht ($ 5.75) per day, the transport boats are starting from just 10 baht per trip ($ 0.3).

Boats are marked with a flag:

Wat Pho

Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand
Juan Antonio Segal Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand

As one of the the grand temples of Thailand, the Wat Pho is great place to experience Buddhist culture in Bangkok. The 300 years old temple is maybe famous for the huge reclining Buddha, but it has also many other wonderful artefacts.

It's popular amongst tourists, but is also visited by locals. If you wonder why you will see both golden and black Buddhas, it's because the families put ashes from their deceased members inside the Buddha. To worship they add golden paint.

Since it's a holy Buddhist sight you should respectfully cover knees and shoulders. Entrance price is 100 baht ($ 3.25).

Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park, Bangkok, Thailand
Lumphini Park, Bangkok, Thailand

When you need to an escape from the city, the Lumphini Park that's located in the heart of the city is a great place to go. With its 575.000 square metres (142 acres) the park is not just a walk through, but a good place to eat the lunch you bought from a vendor nearby.

There are several lakes inside the park where you can rent a paddle boat. The park is also home to many animals such as asian water monitors. So if you want to have wild life experience, but are only staying in Bangkok, this is a good opportunity.

Worth noting about the park, it's named after Lumbini in Nepal where Buddha is said to have been born.

There is no commission to the park.

Sirocco, Lebua at State Tower

Sirocco,  Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok, Thailand
Ninara Sirocco, Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Wether you are into fancy rooftop restaurants or not, Sirocco on top of the Lebua at State Tower is definitely worth a visit. Famous from the movie Hangover part 3, this restaurant attracts many tourists.

It is not required for you to have any reservations, it is however require you to wear shirt and long pants as this is not a budget place. From the 63th floor you will have a great view of the city and river. If you dare, you can look straight down on Si Lom road.

Check prices on the menu before ordering as beers starts from about 450 baht ($ 15). A lot more than the average price on the streets in Bangkok.

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