Microsoft Edge for macOS is coming

Microsoft Edge for macOS is coming
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Last month Microsoft revealed that its future browser Edge is coming for MacOS. While I’m no fan of the browser on Windows, this is great news for all web artisans who should test our creations in at least the major browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

To some extend you might say Opera and for some cases Internet Explorer, but you can read more in this article why Internet Explorer should be left for the past (link) and that it has been completely unsupported for 3 years now.

Why this move from Microsoft to release its browser for MacOS, and hopefully Linux/Ubuntu too, is an important one, despite it might not be effective, you can read more about in the before linked article.

Be aware that it’s still a developer insider preview, bugs are probably likely to occur – hopefully just to the browser itself and not the rendering of pages.

Use this link to download the developer preview directly from Microsoft:

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